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Acai may be healthy but watch out for the bowl.


Often new healthy trends are added to unhealthy options to boost their profile in our eyes. But if you add acai to make it an ice cream sundae, you would probably reluctantly agree, it may be loaded with sugar and calories.


Become an informed consumer. Ask to see the nutrition information. Look at the fat & sugar content. Make sure this is a food that is worth it!

This tip is courtesy of: Resolution Health


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This recipe is easy, nutritious and tastes good too.
This idea will help you enjoy your meals so much more.
Help me think more positive.
Watch out for that candy tonight and for the days to follow.
Friendships can enhance your self-improvement.
A slip-up does not need to ruin all of your hard work.
Hearing the beat can make you move.
Taco Tuesday with just five healthy ingredients.
Weekends can be more meaningful with this new idea.