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Is caffeine gum harming or helping?


Gum laced with caffeine? Well, many well-known brands are now offering specialty gums loaded with caffeine. Available in fruit flavors, mint and cinnamon and boasting anywhere from 40 to 100 mgs per piece, energy gum is a quick and easy. Military Energy Gum for instance, packs a whopping 100 mgs of caffeine.


But is it a good choice for a quick pick me up? Research is clear that too much caffeine (300 mgs or more per day) can cause a number of unhealthy side effects, including increased stress levels, interference with iron and calcium absorption, heartburn, reflux, anxiety, and heart palpitations to name a few.  So, if caffeine gum is your choice, be sure to watch your overall caffeine consumption.

This tip is courtesy of: Resolution Health


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