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Write a letter to your future self.


Where do you see yourself in a year? This may feel difficult yet writing a letter to your future self may help you achieve goals and begin to welcome the ever evolving you.


Taking time to truly embrace your future is an excellent way to visualize your goals. Think about what steps you can take over this timespan to reach your goals. This changing you doesn’t have to just focus on your weight. Think about doing activities which enrich your total being like art, music, volunteering. Writing down your goals makes you more likely to follow through on them.


Keep your letter in a safe place and open it occasionally to remind yourself of where you plan to go. Then read this letter to your future self at the designated time. Did you achieve what you planned to become? Maybe you surpassed your original expectations. Regardless of the outcome, it is a good way to assess how you are doing.

This tip is courtesy of: Resolution Health


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