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Gain insights for your future health, by learning from your past.


Often those who struggle with weight loss have spent a lifetime battling the bulge. Perhaps you too know every diet, every exercise option and have had years of experience thinking about, learning about and trying out a variety of tips and techniques to reach and maintain a healthy weight.


Through trial and error, it is likely you have become quite an expert. Here is a challenge for you: Commit some time to evaluate your experiences to really understand what you have learned through the years about your own body’s metabolism, about your personal trigger foods, situations and people? Use the lessons you have learned to create and personalize a plan for your holiday season ahead. 

This tip is courtesy of: Resolution Health


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Don’t drink your calories.
Stay strong and stick to your resolution.
Write a letter to your future self.
Get in and out and don’t hang out.
Give yourself a boost with a new hairstyle.
How to say NO if you want to say YES.
Are you ready for flu season?
The size of your holiday plate may be dictating your portion size.
Gain insights for your future health, by learning from your past.