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Which works better for weight loss... diet or exercise?


The answer is, they are equally as important. This was not a trick questions though. Many researchers find that the right diet is your key to success and exercise plays a lesser role.  But think about this…you can’t exercise like a maniac and eat ice cream sundaes. And you can’t eat only super foods and sit on the couch.


From an evolutionary standpoint, your body was designed to hunt down prey. The body’s systems require activity to stay sharp and efficient and then the proper nutrients from food to survive. So, you can’t really do one thing without the other.


Today’s recommendation is to check with your healthcare professional to be sure you are eating the right amount and types of foods for your body and your exercise/activity plan is most appropriate for you. Occasionally, a check-in can be quite an eye opener.

This tip is courtesy of: Resolution Health


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