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Beware of the movie theater concession stand!


If the winter months are driving you toward indoor activities such as the movies, watch out for that concession stand. You can surely sabotage your weight loss and health goals. There’s no way to make this romantic or comedic, it is based 100% on truth and these facts are sure to make you gasp… 


Popcorn: a small-sized serving can range from 200-670 calories, depending on the amount of fat that is added during cooking or butter added when you purchase it. A large comes in at 900 to 1200 calories and even more calories if you top it with butter.


Soda: a large soda ranges from 330 to 660 calories with anywhere from 22-44 teaspoons of sugar! 


And the most disappointing news of all is that more and more theaters are offering an option for refills with their largest size popcorn and drinks.


Our advice: Don’t go to the movies hungry. If you must order something, get the smallest size and share it with a friend.


This tip is courtesy of: Celebrate Vitamins


Celebrate Vitamins is the Market Leader in Product Innovation for Bariatric Supplements and Protein



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