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Ever wonder what it would be like to meet yourself?


Imagine meeting yourself today. Would you walk away and say…Wow he/she was so interesting? He/she was so genuine and caring or dynamic and engaging. Would you like yourself? This year, take a close look at yourself. You should enjoy your own company.


Create the ‘you’ that you would want to know and be around. If you need hobbies, find one. If you want to become enriched with culture, find concerts, museums and classes to attend. If you want to be fit, find walking clubs, fundraiser events and activities to benefit a cause, join the local Y.


You can reinvent yourself with a personal improvement plan. Here is the surprise benefit: you may find that you are not only enjoying your own company but also meeting other like-minded individuals and making new friends.

This tip is courtesy of: Celebrate Vitamins


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Ever wonder what it would be like to meet yourself?