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Learn to manage food triggers.


When life gets stressful, like others, you may turn to your good old friend, food. When under the gun, you might find yourself reaching for anything that is available and then very quickly feeling out of control, discouraged and sometimes defeated.


Knowing your triggers, driving emotions and the favorite foods that you are likely to reach for can help you create a defense plan. Begin by better understanding yourself. Take the challenge to identify three things for yourself.


1. Your triggers: the locations, time of day, and perhaps even people who ‘trigger’ your behavior.
2. Pay special attention to the what emotion you are feeling when the trigger hits.
3.  Identify the foods that cause you the greatest challenge AND your favorite good for you foods.

Once you have a greater understanding of your personal triggers, your emotions that drive your behavior and your food, you can plan in advance ways to avoid trigger situations, acknowledge your emotions and keep good for you foods nearby. 

This tip is courtesy of: Resolution Health


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