May - Jun 2021

The Relaxation Zone

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


Every day someone is saying they are so stressed out!  Maybe you’re the one that’s saying that to others.  What are you doing to eliminate some of the stress in your life?  Did you ever think that the colors you have in your home could cause you to be more anxious and therefore add to the stress?  Well, they could.


Does your home have bright intense colors, or peaceful calming colors?  Do you have lots of clutter or clean open space?  If the thought of redecorating your home seems overwhelming, pick a room, like your bedroom and call it your “relaxation zone”.


Have you ever heard of the psychology of color?  Think of a time you were totally relaxed.  Perhaps you were at the beach or in the mountains – maybe gazing out over a lake or on a ski trip and sitting in front of a fire place.  Try to remember what was so peaceful about these surroundings; the sounds, the colors, the aromas.  It was probably everything combined that contributed to the relaxing experience.


Imagine what it would feel like to bring some of these feelings into your bedroom.  You could start off by getting yourself a set Egyptian cotton sheets, (700 count or higher) and some nice thick, plush bath towels.   This will help you to feel as if you are staying in a five star hotel.  What scents make you feel peaceful and calm?  Whatever they may be, bring them into your relaxation zone.  Perhaps some of the same scents you had around you on that wonderful vacation.  You can get scented candles, oils or incense to add to that peaceful calm feeling that you want to create.  Your lights and use of dimmer switches will add to the peace and calm in your bedroom.  Soft music, chimes, nature sounds also enhance the feeling you want to create.


If you have children or teens at home, you may truly want to create your master bedroom into an adult only (no one under 18) luxury spa.  A place where the parents can have six children in the great room making lots of noise, but their suite (the relaxation zone) is like a day at the spa.  The scents, the colors, the sounds, take the parents to a whole other place of peace and calm.


You owe it to yourself to create your very own relaxation zone.  Try it and see if you notice that your stress level seems to lessen.  You may find that The Relaxation Zone is one of your most cherished spots in your home.