Sep - Oct 2019

New! Positive Impact Podcast by Colleen Cook



Learn everyday tricks and tips used by successful WLS veterans. Join Speaker, Author Colleen Cook, WLS patient from 1995, as she shares experiences, insights and research on what it takes to reach and maintain long term weight loss. Listen and subscribe at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music or your favorite podcast platform, 


An enduring inspiration for decades, Colleen Cook has educated and motivated audiences all over the world. She is a successful weight loss surgery patient from 1995 and President of Bariatric Support Centers International. Named “Bariatric Professional of the Year” in 2009, and honored by the International Federation of the Surgery for Obesity for her research. Colleen is the author of the internationally acclaimed, bariatric best seller, The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients book and is a sought after speaker for both professional healthcare conferences and weight loss celebrations. As an obesity education advocate, Colleen’s research-based presentations are a valuable addition to any healthcare conference for nurses, dieticians, or mental health professionals. A former member of The National Speakers Association since 1996, Colleen is a seasoned speaker and her presentations are well crafted and can be customized for a particular conference theme. 

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