Jan - Feb 2015

The Art of Visualizing Success: See It to Believe It!

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


It's a new fresh year with endless possibilities. Yet if you turn on the news, you may ask 'is it possible to be positive in a negative world?' Yes, it is. A sunny outlook can help you make better decisions. A pessimistic mindset closes you off to new opportunities.


The following three tips will help you get on a positive track for creating your goals, dreams and success.


1. Make an appointment with yourself. What time of day are you going to set aside for your personal visualizations and affirmations for success? Athletes have been using visualization for years. Before they get out on the court or field, they play their sport a million times in their head. Then, when they get out on the field or court, they are playing their game exactly the way they visualized.


2. Make a list of your goals and read them every day. Even better, set aside time in the morning when you get up and evening before falling asleep to visualize your success and repeat those affirmations. When you make this list, write it as if you already achieved it and then close your eyes and imagine how you will  feel once that goal is achieved.


3. Do not to let doubt slip in. You have to own it, feel it, taste it, and see it. Make it as real as possible and your subconscious mind will lock on to this blueprint of success. By bringing in all your senses, it gets your brain cells working in sync, like the pistons in a car.


Years ago I used this process to find an apartment. I knew what I wanted, wrote it out, even the town and every day I visualized myself in this apartment and it worked! The key is to be as specific as possible. For example, if you want air conditioning, be sure you write out central air, or you might get a wall unit. Once you begin doing this, you’ll find it works in every area of your life.


Often the most challenging part is taking time for yourself and doing this each and every day. All too often, we tend to put ourselves on the bottom of our own to- do list, instead of on top…try doing it differently, you will definitely like it.


Live, Laugh, Love