Nov - Dec 2021

Fall Fitness Ideas to Get You Moving

By Anna L. Cleland, CSCS


Fall is a great time to be active. The weather starts cooling down, and there is structure back in the days when kids return to school. It’s a great time of year to focus on reengaging your fitness routine.


Here are some ideas to help you jump start your fall workouts! Activity adds up! Be active!


Involve Your Family, Friends and Pets

Make it your family goal to go on a daily walk or find an activity to do together. Lead your kids, friends and family by example; encourage them to join you every time.


Outdoor Activities

- walking

- raking and playing in the leaves

- hiking to find leaves and acorns

- batting cages

- miniature golf

- backyard football


Indoor Activities

- Wii games

- bowling

- roller skating

- Twister game (remember this!)


Take Advantage of Cooler Weather

During the summer, there are lots of excuses based around the heat. During the winter there are lots of excuses about the cold. Make sure not to let the mild weather pass. You will be able to participate in more outdoor activities, and if that’s what you like - now is a great time of year for outdoor exercise.


The fall is your opportunity to make fitness fun from this season and the whole year through.