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Three Ways to Think Like a Top Athlete to Lose Weight

By Ronayne Herbert, RNP


Few people on earth understand better understand what it takes to succeed than elite athletes. This is why I believe their approach to goal-setting can give us all some valuable insights into how to accomplish our weight loss goals.


Athletes are just like you and I except that they may have a few secrets that make them strive to accomplish their goals. Have you ever wondered how an athlete like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or Tiger Woods sets goals for themselves? Could you use this approach to assist you in losing some weight? Here are a few techniques that will help you get into the swing of things:


1. Set specific, definable, measurable goals. Figure out what it is you want. Is it weight loss or toning? Increased endurance or flexibility? Once you have decided what the goal is, you need to GET MOTIVATED. Think BIG. Picture yourself 20 pounds lighter or doing a difficult Yoga or Pilates pose. Want to run that marathon? Constantly remind yourself that you are in training and that your choices to exercise and eat right are critical to your success.

2.   Tailor a program that will help you reach these goals. Get help from a trainer or someone “in the know” to help you plan a routine that will help you gradually increase the frequency, intensity and duration of the workout. Work through the discomfort or sweat; “feel the burn”. Write out your short-term goals and consistently review to see that you are progressing. Challenge yourself daily and change it up if you notice you are getting bored with a routine.
3.   Think positive. You are only ever going to be as good as you think you are. Positive self-image; self-talk and self-analysis will propel you forward. Make a note of your successes, even if they are small, they will eventually add up. Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments and share your story with others. Check in with yourself to ensure that you are still working toward your specific ultimate goal.


Once you’ve put the above into action, the new you will be surprised at how successful you feel.