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Steps to Surgery


How do I know if I qualify for bariatric surgery?

Patients should have:

- 100 pounds or more of excess weight; or a BMI of 40 or greater

- A BMI of 35 or greater with one or more co-morbid condition


Other common guidelines include:

- Understanding the risks of bariatric surgery

- Committing to dietary and other lifestyle changes as recommended by the surgeon

- Having a history of weight loss treatments that have failed the patient

- Undergoing a complete examination including medical tests


What is the weight loss surgery process?

After attending or reviewing our free weight loss seminar you will be scheduled for an initial consult into the office. Please complete the Intake Form, Bariatric Worksheet, prior to arriving for your appointment. PSB staff will verify your benefits before the day of your appointment. Our provider will review your medical history to determine if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery and discuss with you the best procedure for you. The final decision is always yours. You will be provided with your next step before leaving the appointment.


When can I schedule my surgery?

Once a final review is completed by the provider and an approval is received, the surgery scheduler will contact you to schedule your date. A final benefit verification will be performed at that time to determine any estimated out of pocket expense.


How many appointments will I have to make?

There are a total of six (6) appointments that will be made after approval is received.

- Pre-operative class

- Outpatient upper endoscopy

- Surgery date

- 2 Day post operative wound check

- 2 week follow-up after surgery

- 4 weeks follow-up with nutrition and/or exercise physiologist


Does my insurance cover bariatric surgery?

Bariatric Benefit verification is required. Our practice will verify your Bariatric benefits.


How long does it take for my insurance to approve my procedure?

Once your information is submitted to the insurance carrier our office usually receives the determination within 7-14 business days.


What if I am a self-pay patient and do not have insurance, what is the process?

Our office would schedule you a consult and go over any necessary clearances that would be needed for you to be scheduled for surgery. Once the clearances are received and reviewed by the physician, you will receive a call from our surgery scheduler.


What is the process to surgery or my next step? I attended the seminar and don’t know how to proceed?

You will be scheduled a consult with the practice. Once you see a provider, you will be given a road map to complete on clearances needed for insurance and medical purposes. Once the physician reviews, then your information is submitted to your insurance carrier.


Once our office receives the approval, the surgery scheduler will contact you to schedule surgery.


If I completed the online seminar why have I not received a call from the practice for an appointment?

If you completed the online seminar with a cell phone or tablet, the information does not process to our office. It must be completed with a lap top or desk top computer. If you are having difficulty or do not receive a call from us please call us at 404-881-8020.




How much protein can I have daily?

A recommended amount of protein is 60-80 grams of protein. We recommend not taking the protein all at once since it cannot be absorbed all at once.


What can I do if I try to advance my diet and I find I cannot tolerate it?

As you try to advance your diet, it is important to take 3 teaspoons and wait 5 minutes to see how you do. If you feel pain, cramp or a funny feeling in your stomach, do not advance diet. Continue with another 7 days of the previous diet that showed no difficulty.


Previously gummie vitamins were used after bariatric surgery but no longer-why?

Based on evidence from the New England Journal gummie vitamins are not effective.