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Every month, patients come to seminars, initial consultations or even preop encounters and never take the next step towards surgery.  A significant number of prospective patients continuously fall out of the patient funnel.  And for most programs, these patient prospects are lost forever!  All the effort and expense to get these prospective patients into the process for surgery is lost.


When prospective patients contact a bariatric program, they need help and should be followed even if they stop following your program. Once a patient has taken the most difficult first step, it is important that the bariatric program helps them take the next step. Unfortunately, most bariatric programs do not have an effective way to recapture these lost patient prospects.


The inability to recapture lost patient prospects impacts the overall program effectiveness.

Marketing Marketing invests time and money to get patient prospects to contact your bariatric program. Campaign ROIs are impacted.
Management Forecasted annual volumes are at rosk because they depend heavely on converting the leads from marketing initiatives.
Process Patient processing efforts which could have been applied to those patients remaining in the program are wasted on lost patients.
Finance Bariatric program profitability is jeopardized by poor patient pull-through and ineffectiv marketing expenditures.

More than likely, if you do not have an assigned team solely responsible for following up with lost prospects, you are simply losing surgical candidates.  And, even if you have a dedicated team, each team member needs deep bariatric knowledge and a solid skillset to sensitively influence and recapture lost patients.  In addition, it is essential to have a thorough patient management process and a robust system for patient tracking.


There is a proven solution available to your program.  BariMD offers the Prospective Patient Recovery Program with all of the necessary components to effectively recapture your lost patients.  Our team provides you with a dedicated specialist and, most importantly, we only charge you when we deliver results.



Incorporate our prospective patient recovery process in your bariatric program and stop losing your prospective patients.  Contact BariMD today to start maximizing your marketing efforts and realizing results!


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