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Networking Socially with the OAC

By Joe Nadglowski, OAC President and CEO

In the last couple years with the launch of Facebook and Twitter, social networking has emerged as a huge phenomenon in society. It is now one of the most popular ways companies share information with their target audiences. The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) has embraced this new technology and our presence can be seen on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


Having a presence on social networking sites enables the OAC to connect not only with members of our Coalition, but also with people that are not yet members of the OAC. This means that the OAC is able to reach out to millions of people with the assistance of social networking.

The OAC updates and posts to our social networking sites daily. Daily posting ensures that our friends and followers are receiving up-to-date information on topics dealing with obesity and overall health on a regular basis. Additionally, it makes it possible for them to get involved in discussions about these obesity-related topics. Social networking opens up the lines of communication and also gives those affected by obesity the chance to let their voices be heard.

Educational Information

The OAC also uses social networking to promote the wide variety of educational materials that the Coalition offers to the public free-of-charge. The OAC posts links to all of the articles from the OAC’s official publication – Your Weight Matters Magazine. These articles cover a variety of topics, such as “Nutrition and Weight Loss,” “Bullying, Bullycide and Obesity” and “There’s an App for That” which will appear in the Winter issue of the magazine debuting in late January 2011. All articles that appear in Your Weight Matters Magazine are written by healthcare professionals and are a great educational tool for those affected by obesity.


Social networking sites are a great way to promote advocacy issues and solicit individuals to help support a cause. The OAC uses social networking to promote the various advocacy issues that we address. Recently, the OAC used Facebook to solicit people to sign on to two different petitions. In September, National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, the OAC asked our members and Facebook friends to sign on to a National Petition Calling for an End to Childhood Obesity Discrimination and Bullying. In October, the OAC started another petition; this one was to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urging a fair and balanced decision on medical treatments for obesity. Each of these petitions received thousands of signatures thanks to our Facebook friends and members nationwide. Social networking makes it easy for our members, followers and friends to get involved in the fight against obesity.

The OAC’s social networking sites are a great educational and advocacy resource for those affected by obesity. It enables the OAC to directly connect with those affected by obesity and also provides them with the educational tools to fight the epidemic. To join the OAC’s social networking sites, please click the links below.

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