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You Can Enjoy the Holidays

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


The holidays tend to cause added stress and anxiety for many different reasons.  Perhaps this is the one time of year you have a gathering with all your friends and family and you want everything to be ‘perfect’.  You put so much pressure on yourself that you get totally stressed, develop a headache, and don’t enjoy the great gathering you planned for.  We all have stress and as I have said many times, it isn’t the stress we have, it is how we deal with our stress.  How do you deal with yours?  Do you give into it or do you have techniques to remain calm and centered?


I think we can learn a good lesson from the miners that were trapped in Chile.  You’ll probably agree they were in a stressful situation.  However, there was nothing they could do to get out other than rely on others and hope and pray they would be successful.   In the meantime, they formed their own little community underground.  Each day they kept busy with their chores, exercise, discovered the importance of laughter, and had the time to evaluate what was and wasn’t important in their lives.  Some learned how to pray, something they rarely did in the past, others realized how important their family was while others understood the importance of friends and living life.  After all were safe, I listened to a report from one man saying something we all know, but somehow believe it doesn’t apply to us.  He said “life is short; we don’t know when our time is up.  Stop worrying about money and what you can’t do….live life as if it were your last day on earth”. 


We have heard that statement many times in one way or another, but we tend to dismiss it.  Yes, we have responsibilities in life, but sometimes we get so busy in our own drama that we forget how to have fun.  We take our family and friends for granted and perhaps don’t tell them often enough how much they mean to us.  We forget to love and treasure the time with family and friends.  When you show this special warmth, no one will care if everything is or is not ‘perfect’.  This is an unrealistic pressure you’re putting on yourself.  Stop pressuring yourself, lighten up and enjoy the holiday season.


Enjoy your Holiday’s….remember to Live, Laugh and Love