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How to Find Time for You

By Lisa VanDerWerff, PA-C


Whatever happened to good old-fashioned alone time? For many of us, it’s a distant memory. Between cell phone, emails, and social media, we spend more time plugged in to the rest of the world than ever. But spending some time solo is a great way to recharge after a hectic week. It can also boost productivity and even enhance your relationships.


Alone time is a pretty difficult concept for many people to grasp. We seem to have less time for ourselves. Our schedules are filled with more things to do than time allows and at the end of the day, we are too exhausted to take time for ourselves.


If this sounds familiar, it is time to look at how you have structured your daily life and be clear with your purpose and intentions. Your purpose should be reviewed every day. If you feel that setting aside time to prioritize your health is important, write an affirmation such as, “I will make time for ME every day so that I live a healthy life”. Life will not change without conscious purpose. You deserve great things and when you have taken time for yourself, these goals can become a reality.


Try this one simple exercise. Write your purpose or intentions on a card and place it in your wallet, on a sticky note in your bathroom or on your desk, or anywhere that you routinely look. This reminder may help you simplify your life and allow you to make time for the important things—YOU.


This will help you find time so that you can live the life that you deserve!!!