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Staycation: Is it Time for You to do YOU?

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


It is summertime and it seems that EVERYONE is jetting off to some exotic destination. But more and more people are opting out of expensive and often stressful getaways in favor of staying at home and indulging in a little “me” time. And that’s where a staycation—a vacation without travel—can help.


Just don’t need to stress about being late for your flight or fret about leaving your toothbrush behind. So rather than be down about staying home, save some stress and cash by enjoying a glorious stay-at-home weekend instead. Here’s how.


Don’t Forget to Plan. You’ll make your weekend feel special if you take the time to plan it first. Do a little research to find all of your options and make an itinerary for your weekend. Then enjoy the fact that you can do things at whatever pace you choose.


Disconnect From Your Everyday Life. You may consider taking a break from texting or Facebook or Twitter. In fact, you may want to “lose” your phone for a few days. Treat your time off like a vacation by banning things like yard work or house hold chores. Drop off your laundry for wash-and fold service. You may even consider hiring a personal chef and housekeeper for a few days!


Act Like You’re on Vacation. Make sure you do all the little things you never get around to in your normal life. Go shopping, Take a tour. Try a new restaurant. You can plan to spend a little more money than normal which is ok because it’s much cheaper than a trip would have been.


Treat Yourself! There are few things better in life than splurging on yourself. Go a step further by indulging in luxury services you might never consider. After all, you’re saving a boatload of cash on travel and accommodations.


Remember, you’ll be at home so avoid the TV trap. Try going to dinner and a movie instead. And while you want to try new foods, be mindful that you have to eat healthy as well in the right portions. You may opt to cook for yourself at home and dine with candles and music. Possibly you’ve wanted to invite friends over for dinner, but after a long day at work, you just never got to it.  This is your opportunity to have that great get together.  Maybe even test that new recipe you’ve been wanting to prepare.


Maybe your children have gotten into this staycation idea and want to invite their friends over for a barbeque.  Why not – perfect time.


Take plenty of pictures to share and remember the fun you have had on your staycation!