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Taste the Change

By Abbe Breiter, MS RD LDN


There are so many positive changesto focus on followingbariatric surgery. Forsome patients, it is areduction inmedication, or an ability to move aroundeasier, or simply the fact that foodno longer rules their lives.Food is necessary to sustainlife and keep us going buthas ceased to control us.Once you truly believethat you have the abilityto find a comfortablebalance of food, activityand life attitudes, and haveaccepted permanent changes,you can break free forever. Actioncreates motivation.


Changing old habits isn’t easy. Ingeneral, people have a hard timeadjusting to change. Change is madeeven more difficult when we are notcertain we want the goals we have setout to achieve — and even moreimpossible when we set unrealistic goalsfor ourselves. But change is possiblewhen the goals we set are realistic onesand when we make those changesgradually. If you have a willingness towork through the initial emotionaldiscomfort while you move step-by-stepinto a new lifestyle, you’ll find thecertainty, dedication, resolve and beliefin your own self-worth that will facilitatethe process.


Any change can be viewed aspositive or negative, depending onhow you choose to perceive it.By making the decision tolook positively at thechanges that are necessaryto make or at those youhave already made, it willmake the transition easier.In order to be successful ineating healthier, you need tohave a good understanding of thebest, most effective ways to do that.Making the change to healthier eating isa process you will enjoy and can be proudof. Once you start achieving great results,the excitement and fun you experiencewill make the change well worth theeffort. Enjoying the many great benefitsof healthy eating will help provide theimpetus to stay on the healthy roadyou’ve selected.