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Exercise Is Not A Spectator Sport

By Audrey Turner, EP


Most patients I know have a dream. They want to lose weight or eat healthier or live longer. But will they actually achieve it?


I’ve talked to hundreds of patients about their dreams. Some patients describe their dreams in great detail while others are more hesitant to say what they dream out loud.


What’s your dream? If you’re like most people, you’re not sure if your dream is something you can really achieve. Are you shooting too high or too low, you may wonder.


The truth is that most people have no idea how to achieve their dreams. But one thing is for sure, you can’t achieve anything by watching from the sidelines. You must “get in the game” to have any chance of achieving your dreams. The more you participate, the greater your chance of success.


For instance, when it comes to exercise, you can’t be a spectator. As you embark on this journey of weight loss and healthy living, I hope you are able to find the energy and confidence to transition from the observer to the participant. Not only will you find motivation in the fact that you are doing things you never thought you could do, but you will be helping and motivating others too.


The AmericanCollege of Sports Medicine states that everyone needs at least 30 minutes of vigorous activity 3-5 days per week. If you are trying to lose weight, you should increase it to 45-60 minutes, 5-6 days per week.


If you are just getting started, try doing 10-15 minutes 2-3 times per day and gradually increase. It’s ok to break up your exercise into shorter bouts.


I want you to feel empowered. Allow yourself to try new things. This will help you to find an exercise that you ENJOY. Yes, I said ENJOY. Exercise does NOT have to be limited to walking on a treadmill. It can be almost anything. Try things like exploring a local state park, hiking, bike riding on a green way, dancing, yoga, playing soccer with your kids—use you imagination and your dreams will come true.