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Learn to Trust Your Intuition

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


How many times have you gone against your gut feeling about something only to find yourself wishing you hadn’t? Probably quite often.


We all have an intuitive sense. In fact, all animals do. But we’re the only creatures that second guess it or even deny it. Learning to trust your instincts is a key to any lasting success. The trick is ignoring all the racket in your life so that you can hear your “inner voice”.


Intuitive guidance has been given many names, such as gut feeling, spiritual guidance, inner wisdom, guardian angel, spirit guide, divine guidance, and this list goes on. Really, it doesn’t matter what you call it, but this guidance can be very beneficial in your everyday life.


Intuition is a natural guidance system we are all born with, and it is part of our natural survival skills. Think of all the times you have thought of someone and then the next thing you knew, the phone rang and there they are. Have you ever listened to your gut and somehow made the right decision? These are all examples of why intuition is often called the “sixth sense”.


Your inner guidance will communicate to you mainly through thoughts and feelings. I, personally, don’t believe there are coincidences. I feel everything happens for a reason. You’ve heard the stories about people missing a plane and later they find out that their scheduled flight had crashed. 


I find the challenge with connecting to your inner guidance is that sometimes, the thought or feeling is so faint, you might miss it or doubt it. You might wonder, did I just make this up? Then, when you don’t listen and the event occurs, you realize you would have been better off listening to that little voice.


Life has taught me that it’s important to listen to those subtle hints and feelings. You just might be pleasantly surprised how beneficial they can be. You will find that your inner wisdom will do its part in bringing the messages to your awareness once you are ready to connect.


A good way to practice is to listen to a particular song that might be playing on the radio and see if it might have a special meaning for you and what may be going on in your life. Try it, you just might like it.


Live, Laugh, Love