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The Key to Relationship Harmony

By Michelle Sennett, BSW


A relationship is the ultimate long-term investment. But expect you may need to put more into it at times than you get out of it. In the long run, it can payoff big. And it may be a very rewarding if not the most rewarding, part of your life.


You can increase your chances of having a fulfilling relationship—a relationship that is full of joy and meaning. Here are a few relationship essentials to keep in mind.


Mutual Respect

There are essentials that make up the basics of healthy relationships. Chief among them is mutual respect. It is extremely important to respect yourself and your significant other. Behavior that demeans or makes fun of the other person can eat away at the foundation of a relationship. Remember always, we should treat others honorably and with love. This is the basis of all healthy relationships.


Rekindle Your Interests

Being interested in what your significant other has to say or is doing goes a long way in showing that you care about them, their feelings, their goals and your shared future. It is easy to forget that the reason you got together in the first place was because you shared similar interests. Remind yourself of what drew you to that person to start with and rekindle your interest.


Make Quality Time a Priority

Spend quality time together. Set aside some time each day and week to sit and talk, go out somewhere or do something you both enjoy. Some consider a ‘date night’ while others simply make a list of fun things that are happening and if you both agree, plan to reserve the date.


Acknowledge Problems

Ask for help with and acknowledge your relationship problems and allow space for the other person to show his or her feelings. Know that when you have a problem that you can’t talk out, seek professional counseling when appropriate.


Start today to focus on your relationship in this way and see what happens. Beware…happiness just might occur as you find your own relationship harmony!