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Losing What Weighs You Down

By Mary E. Collins, LCSW-R


Feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and no matter what you do, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed or discouraged? Is it the number you see when you step on the scale, is it the shape of your body, your health, or does it go beyond that? We can feel better if we can face the things that weigh us down.


The first step is identification and acknowledgement. Once we are able to do this, we will be able to seek out what options are available. If weight is the issue, there are now various means to manage this. The old standards, such as diet and exercise alone, or tools, such as bariatric surgery and pharmacotherapy in conjunction with diet and exercise.


No matter how we lose weight, it is also important to look at our mindset. Losing weight definitely improves a persons’ self-esteem and confidence, however, if you don’t look at your life with a holistic approach you may lose out on the full benefits of having the surgery and losing the weight.


If you should find that you are struggling to identify what might be weighing you down, it is important to keep in mind that you have resources available to you either with your physician's staff or with mental health counselors in your community. 


The main goal of most programs is to help you feel a sense of good health and happiness inside and out. You have to be willing to play an active role in your weight loss process through lifestyle changes and changes in your mindset.


Sometimes, we find that people can lose weight and alter their physical appearance, however, they may struggle with how they view themselves and or how they should act in their new body. For example, some people will lose a significant amount of weight and start getting attention from people that previously ignored or didn’t notice them. Sometimes the feelings that arise are positive and sometimes it can cause discomfort.


In order to reap the full benefits of losing weight, it is essential that we find a way to explore what we may encounter and be open to getting some guidance in how to love our new body and new life.