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Magic Moments

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


Over the years I’ve had so many wonderful experiences—delightful friendship, a fulfilling family life, a gratifying career and everything in between. To me, the most memorable moments are always the most personal ones, and that’s a quality that has nothing to do with anyone else but me. A moment stands out in my mind as “magical” when the people, places and things in my life are significant to me.


For instance, as I’m sitting here writing this article, Andrea Bocelli is singing a beautiful love song in Italian. I have no clue what his angelic voice might be saying in English, but I just don't care. To me, at this very time and place, this moment is magical.


Sound reasonable? It should. After all, you are the expert on the little things that mean a lot to you. I bet if you asked a thousand people to describe a magical moment in their lives, you would get a thousand different answers. If we really took the time to think about it, not only are there many magical moments in our life, but magical moments come about each and every day.


All too often, we get so busy with life that we just don’t take the time to recognize the “magic”. Please, take a moment to think of some of the magic that may have appeared in your life.


In writing this article, I interviewed a lot of people and I thought I would share with you some of their magical moments. Many of the people I interviewed were patients that had lost extreme amounts of weight. To them, reaching their goal weight was pure magic. Others, found it magical to sit on the beach and watch the sun and moon come up over the ocean. Many talked about their engagement, wedding and the birth of their children. Others felt the magic when they finally got out of a bad marriage. For some, it is know the kind when you can't catch your breath and leaves you feeling like you did a hundred sit-ups. Others said some of their favorite magical moments were serving food to the homeless or delivering food to the elderly.


Whatever your magical moments might be, don’t let them slip by. Enjoy the magic that occurs each and every day. Take the time to stop, listen, and reflect.

Live, Laugh and Love