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Helping Your Child Deal With Your Weight Loss

By Barb Brathwaite, RN MSN CS


Change is difficult for most adults. It’s twice as hard for children.

Remember that children function better in a predictable environment. When they face dramatic change in their surroundings, they may struggle to cope adequately.

So, how do you help your children deal with the changes that place occur your extreme weight loss?

First, explain to them why you are making these changes. Tell them of all of the activities you will be able to do with them when you lose the weight. Explain to them that you are adopting a healthier lifestyle so that you will be able to do more and live longer. Emphasize that you will be able to do more with them as well.

Encourage their participation. Get them to help you plan your exercise routine. Then make plans with them for fun family outings that will encourage them to become active. Center your planning around activities that both you and your kids enjoy. That may be a soccer game in the yard, or taking a walk around the neighborhood. Or perhaps, you could plan something you have never done before, like hiking on a trail in the woods.

Also, get your child involved in the meal planning. Most schools nowadays are teaching children about healthier eating habits and food choices, so they may be open-minded to many of the foods that you are now choosing. Ask them to list the foods they like. Then find healthy recipes to cook to incorporate those foods. Try to make cooking a fun family activity. Have them pick the vegetables that will accompany the protein for the evening meal, and have them help prepare it.

TIP- Rev up your child’s enthusiasm by getting them involved in your weight loss journey! Children are a great resource of new ideas and information. Let them help out with choosing healthy meals and finding recipes they might like to try. The more involved they are in preparing a meal, the more likely it is that they will eat it!