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How to Make Every Second Count

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


There are only 24 hours in a day and most of us spend eight hours sleeping and another eight hours working. That doesn’t leave much time to squeeze in our social commitments and our family obligations—and probably no time for ourselves!


If you ever feel overworked, overcommitted and all-around overwhelmed by how quickly your day passes you by, you’re not alone. Most people are busier than ever nowadays.


But there’s good news. There are ways to get more done in less time and with less stress. Of course, you’ll need to maximize your time by setting priorities, creating a useful schedule and avoiding procrastination. Your ability to manage your schedule will give you more time to take care of you for a change.


So, if you’re spending all of your time taking care of others and never yourself—STOP! You have to draw the line somewhere and the sooner the better. To live richly and to avoid regret in life, you must give priority to the important things. From now on, put yourself at the top of that list.


If you do what’s really important first, you’ll have more success with less stress—even when you’re busy. Pay attention to all of your bad habits that waste time each day and leave you feeling unproductive. This requires you to make a deliberate choice to avoid unnecessary activities that slow you down.


We all have the same hours in each and every day. Take the time, each morning, before anything else to plan your day. If you prefer, you can plan the night before. I don’t mean just writing down what you have to do, I mean block out a certain amount of time for everything on your schedule. Without a schedule you’ll waste a lot of time. Your schedule needs to block out times for various activities, like checking your email. For example, to save time, you could try to limit checking your email to twice a day.


To give you a clear perspective, review your life and ask yourself… Am I making every second count?’s never too late to focus on your goals and commit to making progress towards your dreams. If you don’t schedule time for yourself every day, you’ll run out of time. With the right mind-set and discipline, you’ll be amazed at what you can create.


Live, Laugh and Love