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The Real Importance of Exercise

By Douglas Fye, PT DPT OCS


Exercise is a key to achieving and maintaining the HEALTHIER body you want. Getting started on an appropriate gradual exercise and physical activity plan is a very important part of managing weight and overall health. Any exercise or activity plan should be closely supervised by a doctor and is recommended to be initially prescribed following a physical therapy assessment to identify and address individualized needs associated with obesity. If you have opted for bariatric surgery, improving your health before surgery leads to a more optimal surgical result.  A physical therapist can also assist you in following safe post-operative recovery guidelines on the “how and when” to perform certain activities.


A consistent exercise or activity plan aids in reaching and maintaining an optimal weight loss schedule. There are numerous additional benefits and rewards resulting from a regular exercise plan such as:

-      Tone your muscles.

-      Increase your energy and metabolism.

-      Tighten loose skin caused by rapid weight loss.

-      Decrease risk of cardiac disease and other associated medical problems.

-      Lower blood pressure.

-      Feeling better physically and mentally.


The goal is doing at least 30 minutes total of physical activity daily. Activity can be broken up into shorter segments equaling 30 minutes or more total. Physical activity is defined as any activities performed in addition to your normal daily routine of working, shopping, walking to-from places or housekeeping. So get started towards a healthier YOU!