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Eating Healthy Can Be Affordable

By Lindsey House, RD LD Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise

Life’s secret to obtaining a healthy weight and good nutrition is pre-planning and preparation. Planning is also a great strategy for saving money and being a savvy grocery shopper. There are a few quick tips below proving that eating healthy does not always have to equate to higher cost.


  • Take time on the weekends to plan your weekly meals and grocery list. This may eat up a few much needed hours on Sunday, however it will ultimately save you money and time during your hectic week!
  • Do not forget to hunt down coupons…you may want to have a special binder or folder to organize your findings. Look in the newspapers for items on sale, use coupons, join your grocery store’s preferred customer club, and try your grocery stores website for other possible savings.
  • Following a portioned controlled life helps the grocery bill decline rapidly. Often times people forget that their portions are drastically cut in half.
  • If you have the storage room, buying in bulk can be extremely cost efficient. It may be worth purchasing a membership to a club store like Costco or Sam's if you cook in larger quantities.
  • Do not be afraid to cook big batches so that you can freeze meals and minimize the waste of food going bad. Experimenting with food can be fun as well, try substituting ingredients or making modifications to recipes to reduce cost (for example, use beans in place of meat while topping a salad or making a taco).
  • Fruits and vegetables are typically recommended to be eaten either fresh or frozen; however, you can still meet adequate nutritional needs by occasionally using canned products. Stock up on canned fruits or vegetables when they go on sale.
  • When buying fresh fruits and vegetables, it is always best to buy what is in season.