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How Healthy Is Your Relationship

By Mary E. Collins, LCSW-R

The right partner can be good for your mind and body. They can lend a sympathetic ear when you want to vent. They can assist you in solving problems. They can even support your goals to maintain a healthier weight.


Life is a journey that we can’t predict. Each and every one of us will encounter multiple relationships throughout our lives, however, the first, last and primary relationship is with ourselves.  Therefore, it is essential that we nurture and are true to our wants and needs. We start with a relationship with our environment and our family of origin, and then begin to develop relationships with peers, colleagues and partners.


Romantic relationships typically start off well. Have you ever felt so “in love” in the beginning of a relationship that you just couldn’t imagine spending your time with anyone else? But as time goes by and other things get in the way, such as kids, jobs, finances, other people and our daily responsibilities, we often find ourselves drifting apart.


Sustaining a relationship can be difficult. And when someone has to struggle with their weight, self-esteem, and self-worth, it can add more strain. This can be difficult on both partners in a relationship. Often times, both partners go through a rollercoaster of emotions as one or both of them struggle to lose weight. The added stress makes it difficult to understand or relate to each other however, once their partner begins to have some success with weight loss, they often report feeling some sense of relief.


After one or both parties in a relationship has lost weight, many couples begin to feel hopeful and excited. Unfortunately, some couples find disillusionment as their relationship drifts apart due to either jealousy or from one partner not being able to manage their newly found energy and confidence. In an effort to prevent this, it is crucial that all couples complete a self-evaluation as well as an evaluation of their relationship prior to weight loss. It is important to talk openly and honestly with your partner about any conflicts, concerns, and or negative feelings you may have and work to develop some strategies or solutions to improve these situations and your relationship.  In the end, you may find that your relationship is better than ever.


Life is a journey that we can’t predict. Each of us will encounter multiple relationships throughout our lives. However, our most important relationship is with ourselves. Therefore, it is essential that we nurture our wants and needs.  Be good to yourself!