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Your Fitness Routine While Traveling

By Audrey Turner, EP

I can’t go a day without yoga, especially when I’m traveling. Because that’s when I need it most after being cramped in an airplane seat or being cooped up for hours in a car. If I can’t find a local yoga class when I get to my destination, I simply do it in my room.


Now, more than ever fitness-minded people have plenty of options to stay fit on the road as the hospitality industry offers classes and in-room exercise equipment. This is particularly good news for those that want to commit to their routine on the road.


You see, travel, whether it is for work or leisure, is a common excuse for why people get off their exercise routine. But, it is important to keep your normal exercise routine even while traveling so you don’t lose progress. If you are traveling for business, you should know that exercise will help with any stress, fatigue and anxiety that the trip may bring as well as help burn off the extra calories that you could be consuming.


When planning your trip, try to book a hotel that has a gym. A lot of hotels will have a gym with the basics (treadmill, bike, hand weights and maybe a few machine weights). If there is not a gym, maybe there is a pool for swimming laps or a water walk/jog.


You can even turn your hotel room into your own gym. You will need a resistance band for strength training and a good pair of shoes.


Example Hotel Room Exercise Routine:

   March in place for 5 minutes

   Pushups (10 reps)*

   March in place for 5 minutes

   Squats or sit to stand (10 reps)

   March in place 5 minutes

   Abdominal Crunches (10 reps)  

Repeat this routine 1 to 2 more times with correct form and moving at a pace that you can still carry on a conversation. When you get done with this routine you will have done what is called a circuit, meaning you have completed both your cardio and strength exercise all in one.

*Pushups can be modified by doing them standing with your hands against the wall.