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No Wonder You Are Stressed Out

By Pamela Shenk, CHt

As if all the working, errand running, cooking, cleaning, watching what you eat and following your diet plan isn’t enough to make you stressed out, worrying about how to balance all of these things in your life will do it for sure. Since chronic stress can put you at higher risk for obesity, heart disease and other health conditions, it deserves your attention.


Recently I was reading an article written by Mark Hyman, MD.

Dr. Hyman was saying that 95% of all illness is caused or worsened by stress. He went on to say, emotions and thoughts are crucial when dealing with disease and the most powerful pharmacy in the world is between your ears…as well as your gut. Your state of mind will affect your body and your body will affect your mind.


I must say, I totally agree with him. Your thoughts do create your reality. Think back to when you were considering obesity treatment intervention. First, you may have been stressed about your weight. Perhaps concerned about the meds you were taking for the different medical issues that were caused by your excess weight. Then as you were making your decision to lose weight, you discovered that there were so many things to consider: how are you going to feel? How much weight will you lose? Will you be able to stick with the meal plan? And that was stressful too. But, finally you made up your mind to improve your quality of life and lighten your stressful load a little.


While you working on the weight loss phase, you may have noticed that it was difficult to focus all of the time. Or you may have had a tendency to forget things. Well, those things commonly happen when we are under stress.


You see, when you are stressed, your mind is on overload and you just might forget things. That’s why with medical related issues, it is always best to bring someone with you that can take notes for you. (There really is something to the saying…two heads are better than one.) This way, your focus can be on asking the doctor questions and your support person will write down the answers.  This can help to keep you calm.


When you feel stressed out, lists are always a good idea. Not only for doctor’s appointments, but for everyday living. It really helps to keep you focused, organized and less stressed. Make monthly, weekly, and daily lists. It helps you to stay focused and gives you a much-needed sense of calm.


You can handle anything life throws at you if you stay organized, keep positive thoughts, and see the bright side of life.  It certainly is a lot easier to enjoy the life you were meant to live.


Remember…Live, Laugh and Love