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Winter Should Not Put A Freeze On Your Exercise

By Elizabeth Carruthers, RN MSN CNOR CBN CHHC

When the seasons change and the weather becomes chilly, thoughts of going out for a walk or bike ride may also turn cold. There’s no need to put the bike or walking shoes away for the winter. All you need is a little extra preparation and an open mind. There are ways to remain active in all sorts of weather. Continuing your exercise program throughout the colder months makes it more likely that when the snow of winter thaws, you’ll be ready to emerge with a lean healthy body that’s ready to take flight in the warm spring air!

To stay active outdoors when the temperatures take a dip, dress in layers that can easily be removed and replaced as needed. Don’t forget to include hats, gloves, and ear muffs. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, even in cold weather. Exercise in clearly lit areas that are free of snow and ice and change your path as needed to avoid weather induced hazards.

If the weather is too harsh, move your activity indoors. There are many exercise DVDs that can show you proper form while keeping you engaged. Consider buying a treadmill or stationery bike. Take classes at the local Y or look for gym membership deals (drop the hint with family members that a membership would make a nice present!). Take your walks into the local malls which may already have a scheduled walking program. Purchase some light weights and use them during commercial breaks while watching your favorite television shows or while doing a seated exercise routine. Even playing on the family’s Wii Fit can get your heart pumping. Get creative!

The best gift you can give yourself this year is the gift of health!