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Stop Babbling and Start Doing It

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


By now, everyone is aware that a few bad days of eating or no exercise at all can lead to a slump—or worse. So many people spend a lot of time talking about how important it is to eat right and exercise. But here’s the truth: many people just don’t eat or exercise the way they know they should. This is the single biggest reason people fail to achieve their weight loss goals. They simply spending more time thinking and talking about what they should be doing instead of just waking up and DOING IT!


You’ve heard it over and over again and maybe you’ve even found yourself saying… “Nothing is more important than your health”. For many of you after your surgery, your health has been better than ever. The fact that you may have been able to get off of many of the medications you were taking proves that having bariatric surgery was the best gift you could give yourself – the gift of health and wellness.


So now that summer is here, please take the time to have fun while staying focused on your goals. Perhaps for some of you that means wearing a bathing suit and loving every minute. Feeling so good that you’re possibly going on family picnics, fishing on a lake, or playing with children and grandchildren at the beach. Life is good. Possibly you feel a sense of joy and freedom that is totally new and exciting. Don’t you agree that is the way life should be? The summer months are a perfect time to reconnect not only with friends and family but with yourself. Make sure you stay in touch with your weight loss goals, which means you have to regularly exercise and watch what you eat. Remember losing weight isn’t just about the weight you lose, it is about celebrating your daily accomplishment. Every single day makes a difference. When you feel good about yourself, it is obvious to those around you.


But with all the summer fun, just make sure you continue to set yourself up for success. If you are invited to a friend or neighbor’s picnic – either ahead of time what the menu will be or offer to bring a dish that is healthier so you can enjoy it and share the recipe with your friends. When you are in party mode, all too often you may do some mindless eating without even realizing. Remember, you are responsible for the foods you eat. Set yourself up for success with the foods that you choose. Instead of hanging out by the food, go kick a ball around with the younger party goers. Bring a good attitude and willingness to experience all that summer offers. If this wasn't your year to feel good in a bathing suit or healthy enough to run around the park, then stop babbling and make the commitment that this summer is the best time to reconnect with yourself.


Remember, live, laugh and love.