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Your Bariatric Nurse is a Great Resource

By Kim Bertonica, RN



Which member of your bariatric program can answer your questions, help solve all of your surgery related problems and has the initials 'BN'? (Hint: this person is one of your greatest resources)


The answer is your bariatric nurse.


Bariatric nurses help you interpret the medical information discussed by your surgeon. They explain various testing and lab work that is needed prior to surgery. Best part: all answered in a way that you can understand.


During your preoperative visit, the bariatric nurse will let you know what you need to do to prepare for surgery; what to expect the day of surgery; and what you can expect during the postoperative recovery period. This helps many patients deal with the high level of anxiety during preoperative visits without feeling overwhelmed.


After surgery, the nurse can help you understand and anticipate all of the new changes you are experiencing. This is the person you need to talk to regarding care of your incisions, taking in sufficient fluids, any discomfort or your activity level after your surgery. Call or come in because your concerns are important and need to be addressed.


Don't forget after surgery you can continue to get valuable information from your bariatric nurse. If you are unhappy with your weight loss, the nurse can help you sort things out and determine if your weight loss results are ahead or behind expectations. Remember, your bariatric nurse wants to do everything to help you be successful.  In return, you have to show up for appointments. Always keep in mind, your bariatric nurse is just a phone call away.