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Exercise Prescription Individualized

By Daniela Kowal, PT


People come in all shapes and sizes, ages and fitness levels. People are also unique in their health concerns, and medical backgrounds such as previous illness, injuries, surgeries and chronic disease. It is important to realize that there is some form of exercise that will fit the needs of each individual. Meeting with an exercise professional is an important step in order to learn how to maximize fitness levels by incorporating cardiovascular exercise and strength or resistance training. Weight loss surgery patients often seek the guidance of an exercise professional to develop an exercise regimen. This is necessary in order to instruct these individuals in a comprehensive exercise program while avoiding aggravating a current musculoskeletal or painful condition.

There are many forms of exercise and different settings in which to carry out an exercise program. A fitness center, physical therapy clinic, home setting and pool to name a few. Some individuals respond more favorable to an exercise regimen in the home setting verses in a gym setting. One of these settings is sure to fit into even the most challenging person's lifestyle. A trained exercise person such as a physical therapist, exercise physiologist, personal/athletic trainer, can help individualize and tailor a program specific to one's needs. An exercise professional is an important part of developing a comprehensive exercise plan.

Commit to exercise at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week in order to increase your cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles and preserve bones in order to help prevent diseases associated with aging as well as reaching and maintaining your weight loss goals. Cardiovascular exercise coupled with weight training exercise builds muscle mass and subsequently raises basal metabolic rate. This aids in weight loss and maintenance of weight loss.