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Journey of Life

By Heidi R. Cherwony, PsyD


The day you decided to have weight loss surgery was the day you embarked on a new journey. An adventure where you have had new experiences, encountered others with whom you may never have interacted, and learned to live a new and healthier lifestyle. Your journey focuses on your present and future rather than on your past. Weight loss surgery means taking back control of your life. Whether you are one month or ten years out of surgery, your steps forward will always be represented by the healthy choices that you make.


Your success will also depend on how you deal with your steps back. If you can learn to accept mistakes as a human part of your success, then you may also be able to get right back on track without beating yourself up and sabotaging yourself further. Remember: success is about being on track many more days than not.


Your journey has no destination. You will be disappointed if you believe that the end of your journey is when you reach your goal weight, fit into that special pair of jeans that you have been aiming for, or find your true love. As long as you continue to live your life to its fullest and learn about yourself, your journey goes on. That means not waiting for someone to come around or something to happen but rather to be proactive in your journey and make things happen. That also means not putting your life on hold until……


All journeys consist of various ups and downs. During the ups we can find out what we enjoy, what drives us, where our interests lie, what kind of person we are striving to be, how we want to be treated by others, and who we can be kind to. During our downs, we learn about ourselves, too. We learn what makes us tick, our challenges, those people or things that we need to stay clear from, and we learn how to accept and be with our emotions. We can also use the downs to practice getting better in coping with stressful situations.


As adults, you get to choose the key players of your journey. Who are those people in your life that inspire you, encourage you, complement you and bring out the best in you?