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Can A Bath Soak Away Your Troubles

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


They can be soapy, slippery and fun, but do baths do anything besides make you squeaky clean? We often overlook tub time because it’s something we’ve learned to do as part of our grooming or hygiene routine. But, as it turns out, a bath can be good for your mind and body. In fact, science shows that taking a bath can benefit everything from your immune system to your blood sugar, not to mention it can improve your skin and your sleep.


So go ahead, get the water running, grab a book and relax. There is nothing like soaking in a tub to give you a new perspective on your troubles, worries, and cares…a great way to calm those frazzled nerves. Heat therapy, such as soaking in a tub can get your blood flowing and calm you from the inside out.


Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try something a little different. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long tradition in promoting health by taking cold baths. They say that when taking a bath in ice cold water, that the water temperature should be monitored for the individual’s tolerance for discomfort. After staying in the water for no more than two minutes, one should immediately wipe dry and rub the skin till it turns slight red. Afterwards, they say, you should feel refreshed, warm and comfortable.


Now hear me on this one: I’m not fond of taking cold baths. However, I can certainly say that anyone who tries it is likely to be distracted from their troubles for at least a few minutes, while they sit in a freezing tub!


Personally, I prefer a nice, hot relaxing bath with a wonderful bath oil to soak my cares away. But, by all means, if you choose that ice bath…let me know how it works for you.


Either way, enjoy your bath.


Live, Laugh & Love