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How to Buy a Swimsuit that Makes a Splash

By Mary E. Collins, LCSW-R


Warmer weather is coming at us full steam ahead which means it’s time to find a bathing suit that you don’t mind wearing while lounging on a beach towel. But before you dive headfirst into your local department store, here a few things to keep in mind.


Finding a swimsuit that flatters your figure will give you the confidence to prance around the beach in next to nothing. And for those of us who tend to be our own harshest critic, remember confidence is very attractive. But, it’s important to keep in mind that we come in all shapes and sizes. And even though we all have flaws that may make us feel insecure, it’s better to embrace our bodies for what they really are: naturally beautiful.  Whether you need to slim your tummy a little or cover your chest a lot, here are a few tips that can go a long way in helping you find a suit that’s perfect for you.


First things first. Have confidence. Yes, I know. Easier said than done, but it is so important. Have confidence in yourself and in your body. If you feel good about yourself, you will look the part, no matter what your size or shape. I’m sure you have seen women who are heavier than the average model, but who dress beautifully and look lovely and you have wondered how they pull it off. It is confidence that makes the difference and


Know your body type:  Pear shaped means that your hips are bigger than your waist and bust. Apple shaped means that your waist and bust are equal in size but your hips are larger. Hourglass means that your hips and bust are equal and your waist is thinner.


Next, you need to choose colors and patterns that highlight or downplay areas that are an issue. To bring attention to an area use a pattern or bright colors. If you want to hide an area use dark, solid colors. If you are pale use black or deep jewel tones; if you are dark skinned use bright colors. Ruffles add volume to bust or hips. Shirring and ruching hide volume at the waist.


Follow these tips and go out this bathing suit season with your shoulders back and remember to wear a smile.  Enjoy the season!