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Supercharge Your Fitness with High Tech Tools

By Jeannette DeChick


Want to take your fitness to the next level? Technology might just be the answer. Gone are the days when your only option was to simply lace up a pair of shoes and start jogging. That’s so old school. Now, you have hundreds of high-tech offerings available to you, from apps that motivate you to exercise more, to cutting-edge exercise equipment, there’s more help than ever available to supercharge your fitness.


As the push for a more healthy lifestyle persists, new technology continues to be introduced. Some of the latest items available include fitness trackers, such as FitBit, Misfit, and Garmin, which monitor heart rate, calories burned, distance walked, and how many steps taken and can be synced to our computers and/or smart phones to track progress.


Other products, such as jump ropes, yoga mats, tennis rackets, bike helmets, basketballs, and skis that track your fitness data, have received major updates so that they can analyze your progress, assess your balance and movement, and examine your body’s physical response to your workout. There’s even fashion-forward, high-tech clothing that will allow you to sweat in style.


Don’t get me wrong—working out will still require good old-fashioned effort on your part. But honestly, there are a few high–tech options available to let you up your game in the gym or wherever you work out. While new technology has enhanced the enjoyment of exercise, it is still important that each person remain motivated to complete their fitness routine. There is still no equipment to do the work for you, but when something is more enjoyable, it makes it easier to stay focused on your goals.