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How to Design an Indoor Fitness Obstacle Course

By Daniela Kowal, PT


Any woman or man who has done housework knows what it feels like to run an indoor obstacle course. You should run and jump and squat to get the job done. So why not use the winter months to help you get in shape by creating your own indoor obstacle course while you clean your house! Here’s how you do it:


1. Squat to pick up items on the floor such shoes and throw them into a laundry bin. Then find the family member who the shoes belong to and have them come in the room to get them.  You can make it fun by tossing the shoes to them to catch.

2. Then, go down into a squat to pick up the empty laundry basket and jump up from the squatting position. Run or walk briskly around the house to gather any dirty clothes and carry the basket to the washing machine.

3. Next, walk quickly upstairs to gather any trash and then head downstairs with the upstairs trash, get to the bottom of the stair and go back upstairs for your dumbbells you forgot to bring down the first time.

4. With 2 to 5-pound weights in each hand, side step throughout the downstairs rooms, dropping to a squat when you enter each new room.

5. Drop the barbells and then crawl over strategically placed cushions or ottomans.

6. Reach above the kitchen window and wash the window until it sparkles; repeat in dining area.

7. Move to laundry area and while squatting, empty dryer and toss each piece of laundry to laundry basket at least 10 feet away. From a standing position, bend forward and pick up all the laundry that missed the basket.

8. Empty groceries and place on high shelves while reaching or bending toward low shelves.

9. Finally, feed your family by placing each menu item in a large scooper and carrying it individually as fast as you can to the plate on the table.


You can certainly add or delete various activities, weights etc. to fit your schedule or desired results. The main objective is to move throughout an area using various muscle groups while increasing your heart rate. And keep in mind, if at any point you start to belly laugh, enjoy the additional energy you will expend. Just have fun with it!