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Sticking With The Basics To Stay On Track
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Sticking With The Basics To Stay On Track

By Stephanie J. Wade, RN CBN


Most bariatric patients recognize that surgery may be their last, best chance to reverse the huge frustration of being overweight. After years of slipping into an unhealthy rut, they are hopeful that they can reach their goal of living a healthier lifestyle.


So, it’s not surprising that one question that always comes up at our support group meetings is concern over regaining weight after someone reaches their goal weight. If you are not at least somewhat conscious of the potential for putting some unwanted pounds back on, you could be missing out on a good chance to revisit the basics. Here area few things I believe will help keep you on track.


Keep Your Appointments

Follow-up appointments with your doctor are very important to your success. This is when you will have your labs checked to make sure you are not deficient in any vitamins or trace elements. The testing will also tell about your cholesterol levels and if you are dealing with anemia. These visits are also a time for counseling. If you are experiencing some weight regain, your doctor can talk with you and help you figure out what may be causing it. It could be that you are not exercising enough or that you stopped keeping a food journal and are not aware of how much you are actually eating. You doctor is a valuable part of your support team.


Exercise Regularly

Since we spend our days juggling work and family obligations, it is easy to put ourselves last. We often put the needs of our family and friends ahead of our own. Usually, exercise is the first thing to be neglected on our to-do list. You must remember, though, that without exercise your health will suffer. Exercise not only helps you achieve your weight-loss goals, it also helps control blood pressure and cholesterol. Think of it like this: if you are healthy, you will be able to provide better care for your family. So remember to exercise!


Use The Buddy System

Having a friend or workout partner to walk with can be a smart choice. It is a lot more enjoyable to exercise if you have someone to motivate you. You will also be consistent with an exercise regimen if you have someone to meet and hold you accountable. So consider asking a family member or friend to walk with you. I encourage you to “Buddy-Up”!


Maintain a Journal

Keeping a journal is a great way to monitor not only on your feelings but also on your food intake. If you write down everything you put in your mouth, you will be conscious of the portion size and calorie amount of your meals. Without a food journal, a person is often unaware of the amount of something they are eating. Put the pen to the paper and keep track of your intake!


Go to Support Group Meetings

Attending a monthly support group meeting is a great way to find new ways to help keep you on track. Support group meetings can provide new recipes, new protein supplement ideas, and friendships. These meetings are very insightful and provide you a place to talk about concerns you have. You will also be a support for others.


Aside from helping you prevent weight regain these tips are just a few ideas that will help you stay focused and on track with the lifestyle changes you have already made. By keeping your doctor’s appointments, exercising regularly, and maintaining your support system, you can ensure continued success.