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These Video Games Can Improve Your Activity Level
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These Video Games Can Improve Your Activity Level

By Kelsey Piersol, MS


With technology usage becoming further integrated into our daily lives, it’s no surprise that “exergaming” is a relatively new way to keep you more active in your life. Exergaming, as the American College of Sports Medicine defines it, is technology-driven physical activities that require the user to be active in order to play the game. By playing the following exergames listed below, you can increase your daily energy expenditure and improve your fitness level, all while playing a game. Whatever game you choose, they are sure to get you off the couch and on your feet!


1. Nike + Kinect Training (Xbox with Kinect)

Used in conjunction with the Kinect for Xbox, this game provides you with a personal trainer that takes you through an individualized exercise program. The best part? Your own silhouette is created on the TV screen, allowing the trainer to give you real time feedback about your performance.


2. Zumba Fitness (Wii, PlayStation, Xbox)

Take a Zumba class right in your own living room! The game has 30 Zumba routines of varying lengths to choose from in various dance styles including Hip-Hop, Salsa, Meringue, Rumba, and more. You can also get up to three friends to join in for an enjoyable, calorie-burning dance party.


3. EA Sports Active 2 (Wii, PlayStation, Xbox)

This game includes motion tracking sensors and a heart rate monitor to help track the intensity and progress of your workouts. You can select exercises from their library to create your own workout or select one of the pre-made trainer workout programs. Sports activities, like soccer goal kicks, are incorporated into your workout, ensuring that you have a good time while completing your daily exercise program.