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Could This Be You?
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Could This Be You?

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


Each of you has an amazing story that brought you to where you are today. For many, bariatric surgery was the last glimmer of hope for a life that was becoming more and more frustrating, challenging, and a feeling that you were totally out of control. 


You make the decision to have your surgery, thrilled with your progress and, then, all of a sudden, you can’t eat. Food no longer appeals to you. You don’t feel like you can eat a thing and your doctor is telling you to eat! Not only are you not hungry, you don’t want your water either!  


Recently someone came into my office with a similar problem. She had been doing so well on her program and, all of a sudden, she didn’t want to eat anything. She wasn’t even interested in drinking water and was beginning to have no energy at all. Can you relate – do you have this problem or know someone who does?


Well, after lots of soul searching, she realized what caused her problem. She had been in a situation where she ate too fast, the food got stuck, and then she was sick for hours. Consciously she forgot about the situation, but her mind didn’t. Her mind wanted to protect her so she would never have to go through those dry heaves again. Through hypnosis and guided imagery we got her back on track with her food plan, drinking lots of water and even doing her exercise on a regular basis. 


If you might be dealing with a similar situation, take the time to soul search.  Make a point to find some quiet time, turn your cell phone off, and think about what might have happened to cause this situation. Tell your mind that you are now ready to go back on the food program that was outlined. Start off with soft food (always check with your doctor first). Once you see that the soft foods go down, you can then branch out to eating other foods. Set yourself up for success at all times. Become aware of any negative self talk as that is how most of us sabotage our success. Take the time to praise yourself along the way and use that self talk to overcome adversity, not to cause it.