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Three Must-have Snacks When Traveling
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Three Must-have Snacks When Traveling

By Liz Hoskins, RD


Just the thought of packing, planning and coordinating a road trip is enough to make any traveler feel stressed out. Perhaps this is why most people feel too overwhelmed to plan what they are going to eat during their travels. Well, here’s the good news: crusty gas station pizza or drive-thru hamburgers and fries, don’t have to be your only options. There are healthy snacks that you can have that will get you through even the longest of drives.


As any seasoned traveler knows, the key to surviving a trip with their diet intact is planning for hunger attacks. Making healthy food choices while on the road will help ensure you are able to enjoy your time and not worry about your diet. Here are three food staples that every traveler should bring along to make the most of your time away from home.


First, to cure your “crunch” craving while traveling, think about packing nuts. These small powerhouses offer plenty of nutrition to keep you feeling full and satisfied. Nuts are packed with protein and fiber to help you stay full. Make sure to get the unsalted varieties, and raw if possible. While nuts are nutritious, they do contain calories so pre-portion instead of eating them straight from the container.


Your second staple to pack while traveling is apples. These are a low-calorie snack choice that offers a lot of satisfying crunch and sweetness. The amount of fiber in a medium apple is around 5 grams which is a significant amount and helps with increased satiety.


The third food that should be in your travel bag is string cheese sticks. These savory and satisfying little treats are just perfect for eating while on the go. Low fat cheese sticks are a great protein source which helps keep you feeling full. Cheese is also an excellent source of calcium. 


Next time you travel, be sure to include these three foods on your packing list. Along with plenty of water, these nutritious foods will help keep cravings and hunger pains away so you can focus on your trip.