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4 Insanely Simple Arm Strengthening Exercises
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4 Insanely Simple Arm Strengthening Exercises

By Audrey Turner, EP


Whether you’re pushing a vacuum cleaner, shutting a car door or carrying groceries, arm strength is an important part of everyday living. Even for people who aren’t athletes or who tend to stay indoors, a strong upper body can help to improve the quality of your life and protect you against injury.


To have strong arms it takes time and dedication to a consistent routine. Making time to  exercise regularly,  is the hardest part of any exercise routine. So, this article is to help you come up with exercises  you can do outside or almost anywhere without going to a gym.


When we talk about strength training there are two approaches we can take. We can talk about muscle strength and enduranceor strength training to build muscle mass. When training for muscle strength and endurance you want to do more repetitions and less weight. When training for muscle mass you want to do more weight and fewer repetitions.  


To achieve muscle endurance you want to have a routine of strength training 2-3 days per week with 2-3 sets up to 5 sets of 10-15 repetitions. You can do this in the gym with machine weights or free weights. BUT, you can also achieve some of this while doing household and yardwork activities. Below are some ideas to help you achieve your goals:


1. Wash Your Car: Washing your car can be an awesome arm workout! Scrub hard and make different motions. For instance, you could do circles, one way, then switch and do the opposite way, then maybe up and down. Make sure to switch arms after a minute or two.

2. Spend Time With Kids: Spending time with your kids or nieces/nephews can be turned into a great arm workout by taking them to the playground. If you help them on the monkey bars you will be getting a great arm/shoulder/back workout. Or, pushing your child in the swing. Climbing up the ladder. There are endless opportunities on the playground.

3. Do Your Lawn Work: Doing yard work,  pulling weeds, raking leaves, or push mowing are all great ways to improve your strength and endurance, while you also get in a good bit of cardio.

4. Create a Fitness Trail: While taking your morning or afternoon walk, stop every time you pass a bench and do push-ups against the back of the bench or tricep dips on the seat.


These are just a few ideas of ways you can incorporate activities to promote strong arms into your daily routine.