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Make the Choice to Start Living Your Life
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Make the Choice to Start Living Your Life

By Heidi R. Cherwony, PsyD


“Don’t eat that chocolate cake.  Don’t do it!  It is not as good as it looks…”


Do you try talking yourself out of NOT doing something you know is unhealthy for you?  And then, end up eating that cake anyway?


We expend so much energy attempting to avoid what we know is not good for us.  So much energy that we often don’t have enough time to take care of our own needs. 


Imagine if we could free up all that time spent thinking about food or resisting urges.  The idea is to redirect this energy towards positive or adaptive behaviors that I refer to as self-nurturing activities.


Think about all of the activities you looked forward to engaging in after you lose weight.  Most of these activities are things lean individuals take for granted.  Think back to what your dreams were for yourself and ask, “Am I taking active steps to fulfill those wishes?”.


Just as we are working on not using food for emotional comfort or stress management, I am not giving you permission to use self-nurturing activities as a means of distraction from ensuring you maintain healthy eating several times per day as required by your aftercare program.  Eating is a means to survival.


Take some time and think about what you do want out of your life and what your individual goals are.  So next time you see that chocolate cake in your kitchen, rather than talking yourself out of eating it, talk to yourself about what healthy activity you can choose for yourself.  The more we can learn to focus on the healthy aspects of living, the less time to think about what we don’t want.