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Help I Can Not Lose Any More Weight
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Help I Can Not Lose Any More Weight

By Abbe Breiter, MS RD LDN


How do I know exactly what I am eating?  Can you remember from day to day, especially with our busy lives? 


Maintaining a nutrition journal or food diary offers you a picture of your meal plan, a record of your intake, and a reminder of accountability.  It will make you more mindful because you will have to record what you consume.


The simple act of writing down what you eat and drink may open your eyes as to why you are not reaching your goal and motivate you to reach the level of success you desire.  It doesn't matter if you prefer to use paper and pen, an app or your computer, what matters is that you journal.


You have to know what you are eating and drinking before you can make any changes to your plan.  A simple daily check-off list will also help you stay focused.  Include items such as amount of fruits, vegetable, servings of dairy foods, and grams of protein eaten today, as well as the things you drink.  These are simple reminders of the proper foods that you should be consuming.  Don’t forget to add vitamins and minerals to that daily list.


Setting goals will also help you keep accountable to yourself.  You must write these goals down and assign specific time frames to achieve these goals.  Some may be short term (in the next thirty days), some may be longer term (in the next three months), and others should be long range (in the next year).  If you don’t write down your goals, they will simply remain a dream.