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Taste the Change
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Taste the Change

By Abbe Breiter, MS RD LDN


There are so many positive changes to focus on following bariatric surgery. For some patients, it is a reduction in medication, or an ability to move around easier, or simply the fact that food no longer rules their lives. Food is necessary to sustain life and keep us going but has ceased to control us. Once you truly believe that you have the ability to find a comfortable balance of food, activity and life attitudes, and have accepted permanent changes, you can break free forever. Action creates motivation.


Changing old habits isn’t easy. In general, people have a hard time adjusting to change. Change is made even more difficult when we are not certain we want the goals we have set out to achieve — and even more impossible when we set unrealistic goals for ourselves. But change is possible when the goals we set are realistic ones and when we make those changes gradually. If you have a willingness to work through the initial emotional discomfort while you move step-by-step into a new lifestyle, you’ll find the certainty, dedication, resolve and belief in your own self-worth that will facilitate the process.


Any change can be viewed as positive or negative, depending on how you choose to perceive it. By making the decision to look positively at the changes that are necessary to make or at those you have already made, it will make the transition easier.


In order to be successful in eating healthier, you need to have a good understanding of the best, most effective ways to do that. Making the change to healthier eating is a process you will enjoy and can be proud of. Once you start achieving great results, the excitement and fun you experience will make the change well worth the effort. Enjoying the many great benefits of healthy eating will help provide the impetus to stay on the healthy road you’ve selected.