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Are You Part of the Problem or the Solution
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Are You Part of the Problem or the Solution

By Pamela Shenk, CHt


As you know, our world really isn’t in good shape right now. COVID-19 has hit our world and the impact has been tremendous.  The stock market is down, companies are downsizing or closing, the grocery bill just gets higher and higher and to add to that, many have growing fears of foreclosure. Because of this, depression and anxiety is growing by leaps and bounds.


So, on that note, do you want to be part of the problem or the solution? You see, the one thing we do have control of is our thoughts which determine how we feel. Are you going to use the world situations as an excuse to fall back into old comfortable habits or are you going to stand your ground and follow your doctor’s guidelines?  


Unfortunately, in my office I’ve spoken with many clients that are using the stress and their financial situation as an excuse to start living on pasta, potatoes or macaroni and cheese. If that sounds like you, please don’t sabotage your great progress. There are many good choices you can make that go along with any type of stress you are dealing with.


It is up to you to stick to your healthy habits. You may have to spend some time searching out some new menus that can fit within your budget and availability. If you really get stuck, perhaps the dietitian at your surgeon’s office can assist you.  


Your job and number one focus is to look for positive solutions and not succumb to negative self-talk. Do your best to keep negative people away from you… I know, it’s difficult when it’s your husband or wife – but negativity and doom never produce a positive outcome.


Be a part of the solution, stay on the program, it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.


You are equipped with the knowledge to know that eating will not make COVID-19 go away. It will actually compound the problems. We understand that old habits may come up. It takes focus and commitment to stick to your goals. But, this is what it will take to help you get through the tough times and feel good about yourself. If you need help, contact your program and make an appointment to speak with the psychologist. Your program understands.